Norway Hurtigruten review - Andreas, Monika and family July 2015

July 19th 2015

"Hi Alice,

We are finally sitting in Oslo waiting to board the plane home to Brisbane. On behalf of my family and myself I just wanted to express my satisfaction with the quality of our travels in Norway. We simply had a stunning and awesome 10 days. We are very happy with the organisation of our trip, which could not have gone better.

The highlights of the trip were:

Finse - there was some snow and we enjoyed a brief hike up one of the hills. This small village is a jewel and food was superb to say at least.

The bike ride to Flam was awesome and very enjoyable.

The Lofoten Islands topped it. What a scenery! We had a trip on a speed boat, rented some bikes and rode to the entry to start some hikes. Unbelievable.

The cruise to Tromso was also unbelievable but true. On the Hurtigruten ship, we got put up in a Suite with all the luxury that comes with it. Well done.

We spent a few days in Tromso, which was also extremely enjoyable.

Many thanks for putting a very nice itinerary together and for organising everything. We are keen on returning at some stage and we will involve you again for sure."Hurtigruten