Kamchatka Tour 2018

September 14th 2018

Hi Camilla,

The whole experience was hugely memorable. We were lucky to have a pretty decent group of mixed personalities. Most spoke English, most were German, then Swiss, Australian, one American, me , and Luxembourg! Our guide spoke very good English and was a strong person looking out for our daily needs.

Our guide worked very hard with her crew to make it safe and well provided for - good food and plentiful, tents erected for some by her helpers which was good as there were some over 75 yrs olds!Not too strenuous for the average European who seems to get out hiking more than the westerners! We all managed and when the oldest was slow we all went at that pace, thanks to the guides which was smart when in fog on a crater!

Kuril Lake was great, I could have stayed there 2 days extra! Weather was very good as well. Reindeer herders well worth the long bus rides and helicopters! The hotel in Esso was twice as nice as the one in the main city! Petropavlovsk. Really a treat.

SO yes this was a classic trip and will appeal greatly to Europeans who love the mountains, hiking, and are adventurous. The flight from Anchorage on Yakutia was safe and quick, filled with American fishermen! Not as strict on baggage weight as their website states.

You wont see Stellars Eagles much at this time as they come in winter. Only saw one briefly a long way off!

The bears, as you can see, are wonderful. I would imagine there are more salmon and bears in the month before our trip (August) as the salmon had pretty much spawned already, but still bear action for us!!

Thanks again for your help arranging my trip

Scott S.

Scott travelled on the Kamchatka in late summer tour.

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