Terhi Runnalls

Terhi Runnalls

PR, Marketing & Accounts


Terhi grew up in Finland and has travelled extensively in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe (not to mention travels within Australia, Asia, and the US). Terhi’s first visit to Australia – her current home – was as a 16-year-old high school exchange student and since then, she has been alternating living in Australia and Finland (now with her Australian husband and their two children). During the previous 6-year period in Finland, which included travels all over Europe, especially the Baltics and Eastern Europe, more than 40 Australian friends and family visited Terhi and her family, turning the whole family into seasoned tour guides.

Besides her passion for travelling, Terhi loves photography and writing. She has a Diploma of Media and Communication and a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and has experience in writing for all kinds of audiences and purposes, from news journalism, copywriting, and website development to academic writing and research at University (BA and MSSc) as well as for select NGOs. Currently she is loving the opportunity to combine two of her loves by writing about travel!